Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Solar Panels: Why aren't we using them

There are a lot of solar panels for sale now. It used to be that you had to go through a solar company, but that is no longer the case. Even a quick search on e-bay or amazon shows that there are a lot of cheap solar panels for sale. So my question is why aren't we seeing more of them?

Now on the island I live on there is actually a small solar panel field currently being built, and we do have some wind turbines. However, considering we are an "eco island" we should have a lot more.

Even though the we get massive amounts of sun for a lot of the year, there are still very few solar panels. Being a renter myself it is kind of hard to invest in solar panels, but I would pay more for my rent if I could get rid of my electricity bill.

So why do you think we don't see more panels? Do you have them on your house or have you considered them?

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