Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Helpful Tools for Learning Japanese Words

If you are learning Japanese then you need to know a certain amount of Japanese Words in order to communicate. The more words you know the easier and more fluent you will be able to speak Japanese (practicing using them is also important).

Learning all these words can seem like a difficult and never ending task. The problem with standard methods (flash cards, note books, words lists in books) of learning is that you will spend too much time reviewing words you already know and not enough for ones you don't. This not only slows down your progress, but limits the number of Japanese words you can study.

The tools I have listed below, help you learn faster and make studying easier by showing you the appropriate Japanese words or phrases at the appropriate times. They make studying Japanese easier and funner.

  • Anki- A flash card program designed specifically for Japanese that tracks which cards you know and shows you the right ones at the right time.
  • Smart FM- Similar to Anki, but with a more advanced algorithm and more pre-made materials available. Can only be used online.
  • Mnemosyne- A flash card program similar to Anki, but with a slightly different algorithm and interface (I personally perfer Anki).
  • Reviewing the Kanji- An website set up specifically to help you learn the kanji using Heisig's Remembering the Kanji book.
  • Read the Kanji- A website that helps you learn to read and type kanji. Since each kanji or word is in a sentence you will also learn grammar as well.
  • JapanesePod101- Learn Japanese words through actual conversation.

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