Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hard To Believe This Is Japan

Here is Miyakojima we are finally coming out of Rainy season and the weather has been sunny and Great weather combined with friends coming to visit from the mainland has meant that we have been getting outside quite a bit.

Probably the most common comment I constantly hear from friends is that they can't believe this is Japan. And if you have ever been to the mainland (especially somewhere like Tokyo) then this really doesn't seem like Hawaii. In fact, the culture of Miyakojima, a small island of Okinawa is a bit different. The Japanese language is spoken here, but there is also a very strong dialect spoken by the older generation. There are also some Japanese characters not used in the regular Japanese alphabet. If I had to explain the culture I would say it is a mix between Japanese and Chinese.

Anyways, here are some pics to backup this claim.

At Maehama Beach in front of Kurimajima Bridge

Sanshin (traditional three string instrument of Okinawa) live

Ikemajima at low tide

Nemo (formely known as the clown fish) enjoying it's home

Sunset at the pier nearest to my house.

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