Saturday, May 23, 2009

Underwater pictures of Miyakojima, Japan

I have been pretty busy here in Miyakojima. The weather has been absolutely beautiful (even though we are technically in rainy season) and I have been trying to get to the beach as often as possible. In addition, I have started learning the sanshin and am also reviewing what looks to be a great book for learning kanji (more on that in a future post). Today is all about pictures.

My digital camera of three years broke a couple of months ago, and today it's replacement arrived, a Pentax Optio W60. I looked at a lot of cameras, but this was the only one that had all of the features I wanted. (or at least as close as I could get with one camera). It is waterproof up to 12 feet, has a 5x zoom that is operable while shooting video, a decent macro setting, shoots HD quality video. Basically all the things I wish the last camera have.

Today I put it to the test by taking it snorkeling at Nagamahama on the small island of Kurimajima. Now I don't know that much about cameras, so I can't give you a lot of details. What I can say is that it worked flawless for what I bought it for. It's amazing what a $200 camera can do!

Anyways, on to the pictures. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Nagama Beach

As you can see we hit it at low tide

Once we got past the Reef it got a little deeper

The local group of clown fish

Little closer shot using the zoom

Here is the video I took. I noticed afterwords there was an underwater video setting. Oh well, next time.

I was surprised how well the camera was able to get good shots of small fish

I think I used the macro for this coral shot, but honestly can't remember

This shot of a hermit crab is using the macro

Fresh flowers at the local cafe

More vegetation at the cafe

Pink hibiscus

There's even papayas

Carmel Vanilla Sundae

Yup, I don't think it gets much better than this

After I got back home, I took a walk to the nearest port and there were fisherman practicing rowing for an upcoming matsuri (festival)

A great sunset (actually it was a bit cloudy) to a great day!

Let me know what you think!


Welles Tan said...

Interesting photos!

Nina said...

ahh, i loved the flowers and fishes in miyakojima. Our favorite snorkeling spot was at Ohgamijima. These are gorgeous photos. Just around a year ago that you first went, right? Take care and say hi to Eri!

Nick said...

Thanks, Nina. We haven't had a chance to go there yet, but it is on the list! It will be one year from our first trip next month. Amazing time goes by so fast! Hope you are doing well.